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Victoria San Juan Cruises Is Closed For 2010 – Cruises To Resume May 2011

Thank you to everyone who took one of our sightseeing tours during the 2010 summer season. We are currently developing our schedule and pricing information for 2011, and will be updating our website shortly.

Orcas From All 3 Local Pods Spotted Yesterday (8/18)

Yesterday we were lucky enough to spot members of all three local pods of Orca whales (J, K and L pods). They were seen just to the west of San Juan Island (Salmon Bank). We’ll be back out today aboard the Victoria Star and Island Commuter 2.

Great Whale Sightings On The Way To & From Victoria Yesterday

Yesterday we were lucky enough to see J-pod twice from the Victoria Star 2. First, we saw them on the way to Victoria, just off Bird Rocks, then we saw them on the way back at Salmon Bank. We saw the same group on the Island Commuter, during our whale watching tour from Friday Harbor.

Orca & Minke Whales Sighted Over The Last Two Days

Great whale sightings continue, with J & K pods located near Vendovi Island/Viti Rocks on Tuesday, and Orca and Minke whales found just west of San Juan Island yesterday. We are now seeing them frequently on our dedicated whale watching tours on the Island Commuter, as well as our trips to/from Victoria on the Victoria Star 2.

Lots & Lots Of Whales!

The Orca whale sightings have been great over the last couple of weeks. On one of our Victoria cruises we even hit what our captain called a “trifecta”, with sightings of 3 different species – Orcas, Minkes and a Gray whale. The weather has been kinda so-so in recent days, but the forecast is calling for sun Tuesday – Friday. Sun, whales, the San Juan Islands and Victoria – it’s going to be a great week to take a boat trip!

Memorial Day Weekend Trips To The San Juan Islands & Victoria, BC

The long holiday weekend is coming up – a perfect time to take a trip to the San Juan Islands or Victoria, BC. We still have space available on our cruises this Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Reservations for our trips to the San Juan Islands or Victoria can be made through our website, or by phone (1-800-443-4552). You can do a day trip, or spend the night or several nights.

Recent Orca Whale Sightings

We started our cruises to Victoria, the San Juan Islands and whale watching on April 30th this season, and have had lots of great whale sightings so far. Of the three resident pods of Orca whales, we’ve seen J and L pods so far, but have also been lucky with finding transient Orcas and a few Gray whales too.

5/15 – Transient Orca Whales
5/14 – L-Pod (Orca Whales)
5/12 – Gray Whale
5/9 – Transient Orca Whales
5/2 – J-Pod (Orca Whales)
5/1 – J-Pod (Orca Whales)
4/30 – J-Pod (Orca Whales)