Sucia Island Picnic Cruise – August 17th

It was another beautiful day for our picnic cruise to Sucia Island. There were harbor porpoise and harbor seals to be seen on the way to Sucia Island. When we arrived, we set up lunch and people had the option to eat lunch, go for a walk, or a guided beach walk. Lunch stays out for an hour and a half, so there isn’t a time limit as to whether to eat lunch right away or later. We have two hours on the island so there is time to eat, walk the trails, and go the beach.

The beach walk takes place on Fossil Beach. The pictures show some of the 70 million year old fossils embedded in the bedrock. This geological formation that makes up Fossil Beach which was created in a marine environment. The rest of the island was formed 50 to 60 million years ago and is known as the Chuckanut Formation, sandstone that was extensively quarried in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. This sandstone was barged to Seattle and Bellingham and there are still a few buildings being used that were made of this sandstone. There are easy short trails throughout the island, which is filled with large beautiful madrona trees and songbirds. There is always a chance to see river otters, as they are abundant here.

The tide pools on the beach are full of life : crabs, anemones, barnacles, shellfish, star fish, and small fish. There are many different species and all are unique and specialized in their particular marine environment.

On the way home, we cruised down the west shore of Lummi Island. Here we saw an eagle’s nest, bald eagles and numerous marine birds. Most people never get a chance to see the west shore. It is beautiful and dramatic with its rocky cliffs, and numerous trees. At this time of year, some of the trees are turning into their fall colors. Next Sunday will be our last Picnic Cruise of the season. Tickets are still available – click here for more details and reservations.