Whales & Wildlife Report: August 14, 2014 – Foggy Find

It’s not everyday that our boat gets to be the one that finds the orca whales but very occasionally we get the honor. From the bottom of Lummi island we hit a wall of fog with only about 100 yards of visibility. The fog was everywhere in the islands so looking was going to be difficult. A few of the boats were all searching the same area after a vague report of orcas on a USCG radio station. But no orcas had been found yet, we ended up at a reef just north of Sucia island watching some Stellar sea lions when our of the fog came a group of Transients.

I was in shock at first as they swam right next to the boat and playfully knocked around a pigeon guillemot. We managed to stay with the transients for about 40 minutes before turning toward Friday Harbor where the fog was beginning to clear. It was a good day…