Whale & Wildlife Report – Transients Galore

Our trip today started with a full boat of eager passengers. With temperature already near 70 degrees It was definitely going to be a beautiful day in the islands, whales or not. Luckily we didn’t have to worry about not seeing whales. A fellow whale watch vessel ended up spotting some transients right off Barnes and Clark islands; only three miles from or location at the time.

Right as we got on scene we saw one of the males partially breach and immediately take down an unlucky harbor seal. But this is the way of nature, a few of our passengers got to witness feeding orcas before they switched direction and swam right under our boat.

Because oh the location we were able to spend close to an hour with the transient orca whales. We watched them feed and breach out of the water a few times. It was the perfect way to watch whales! The rest of our trip was beautiful and sunny and we dropped off a boat full of happy passengers. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a repeat of today!

Captain Jeff