A whale of a Crab Cruise!

We had quite the evening on Bellingham Bay for our Chuckanut Bay Crab Cruise. The seas were flat calm and the sun was shining. Instead of heading straight into Chuckanut, we altered course for the south end of Lummi Island for an extra bonus on the cruise, Orca whales! They were Transient Orca, the same ones we located and watched on our whale watch trip earlier in the day. As we approached them, we saw that they were chasing Harbor Porpoise, so we stopped and shut down the boat to watch and hear them. After a few minutes they appeared right next to the boat, one with a porpoise in its mouth! We sat motionless for the next few minutes as they continued into Rosario Strait. It was amazing! Guests were ecstatic over the evening. Beautiful sunset, scenery and orca whales, all with a belly full of crab!