Meet the Whales!


Orca Whale (aka Killer Whale)

3 resident pods (J, K & L pods) live in the region year-round and primarily feed on salmon, cod and herring. Transient Orca whales pass through the islands frequently, feeding on seals, sea lions and fish. They measure up to 32 feet in length and weigh up to 11 tons.

Minke Whale

A baleen whale measuring 24 feet in length on average and weighing about 4-5 tons.

Humpback Whale

Large baleen whale measuring up to 52 feet in length and weighing up to 40 tons, these giants are known for their spectacular breaches.

Gray Whale

Gray whales measure up to 50 feet in length and weigh up to 40 tons, and are often seen early and late during our whale watching season as they migrate past Washington state.

Dall's Porpoise

With black and white coloring similar to Orca whales, these porpoises measure up to 8 feet in length, weigh up to 500 pounds, and primarily eat small fish.



This resident group of 84 whales (as of January 14th, 2016) consists of J, K and L pods (pods are family groups of 29, 19 and 36 whales respectively). They live most of the time in the coastal and inland waters of Washington State and lower British Columbia, although at times they go as far south as California or north to Alaska.




On our tours we see J Pod most frequently, and they are the group whose 29 members are seen most often year-round in the Salish Sea. In recent years this pod has grown by 5, with the births of J50, J51,J52, J53 & J54. K Pod is the smallest resident group, with 19 whales, the oldest of which are K12 and K13 (each about 43 years of age). The recent “baby boom” did not include members of this pod – the most recent calf, K44, was born in 2011. This group is the largest of the three resident pods with 36 members. L Pod had two new calfs born in 2015 – L121 and L123.
J-14 (Samish) Female – Born 1974
Mother of J-37 / J-40 / J-45
Grandmother of J-49
K-12 (Sequim) Female – Est. Born 1972
Mother of K-22 / K-37 / K-43
Grandmother of K-33
L-22 (Spirit) Female – Born 1971
Mother of L-89
J-16 (Slick) Female – Est. Born 1972
Mother of J-26 / J-36 / J-42 / J-50
Grandmother of J-52
K-13 (Skagit) Female – Est. Born 1972
Mother of K-20 / K-25 / K-27 / K-34
Grandmother of K-38 / K-44
L-25 (Ocean Sun) Female – Born 1928
J-17 (Princess Angeline) Female – Born 1977
Mother of J-28 / J-35 / J-44
Grandmother of J-46 / J-47
K-14 (Lea) Female – Born 1977
Mother of K-26 / K-36 / K-42
L-27 (Ophelia) Female – Est. Born 1965
J-19 (Shachi) Female – Born 1979
Mother of J-41
Grandmother of J-51
K-16 (Opus) Female – Born 1985
Mother of K-35
L-41 (Mega) Male – Born 1977
Oldest male in resident pods.
J-22 (Oreo) Female – Born 1985
Mother of J-34 / J-38
K-20 (Spock) Female – Born 1986
Mother is K-13
Mother of K-38
L-47 (Marina) Female – Born 1974
Mother of L-83 / L-91 / L-115
Grandmother of L-110
J-26 (Mike) Male – Born 1991
Mother is J-16
K-21 (Cappucino) Male – Born 1986 L-54 (Ino) Female – Born 1977
Mother of L-108 / L-117
J-27 (Blackberry) Male – Born 1991
Mother was J-11
K-22 (Sekiu) Female – Born 1987
Mother is K-12
Mother of K-33
L-55 (Nugget) Female – Born 1977
Mother of L-82 / L-103 / L-109 / L-118
Grandmother of L-116
J-31 (Tsuchi) Female – Born 1995
Mother was J-11
K-25 (Scoter) Male – Born 1991
Mother is K-13
L-72 (Racer) Female – Born 1986
Mother of L-105
J-35 (Tahlequah) Female – Born 1998
Mother is J-17
Mother of J-47
K-26 (Lobo) Male – Born 1993
Mother is K-14
L-77 (Matia) Female – Born 1987
Mother of L-119
J-36 (Alki) Female – Born 1999
Mother is J-16
Mother of J-52
K-27 (Deadhead) Female – Born 1994
Mother is K-13
Mother of K-44
L-82 (Kasatka) Female – Born 1990
Mother is L-55
Mother of L-116
J-37 (Hy’Shqa) Female – Born 2001
Mother is J-14
Mother of J-49
K-33 (Tika) Male – Born 2001
Mother is K-22
L-83 (Moonlight) Female – Born 1990
Mother is L-47
Mother of L-110
J-38 (Cookie) Male – Born 2003
Mother is J-22
K-34 (Cali) Male – Born 2001
Mother is K-13
L-84 (Nyssa) Male – Born 1990
J-39 (Mako) Male – Born 2003
Mother was J-11
K-35 (Sonata) Male – Born 2002
Mother is K-16
L-85 (Mystery) Male – Born 1991
J-40 (Suttles) Female – Born 2004
Mother is J-14
K-36 (Yoda) Female – Born 2003
Mother is K-14
L-86 (Surprise!) Female – Born 1991
Mother of L-106
J-41 (Eclipse) Female – Born 2005
Mother is J-19
Mother of J-51
K-37 (Rainshadow) Male – Born 2003
Mother is K-12
L-87 (Onyx) Male – Born 1992
J-42 (Echo) Female – Born 2007
Mother is J-16
K-38 (Comet) Male – Born 2004
Mother is K-20
L-88 (Wave Walker) Male – Born 1993
J-44 (Moby) Male – Born 2009
Mother is J-17
K-42 (Kelp) Male – Born 2008
Mother is K-14
L-89 (Solstice) Male – Born 1993
Mother is L-22
J-45 (Se-Yi-Chn) Male – Born 2009
Mother of J-37, J-40, J-45
Grandmother of J-49
K-43 (Saturna) Female – Born 2010
Mother is K-12
L-90 (Ballena) Female – Born 1993
J-46 (Star) Female – Born 2009
Mother is J-28
K-44 (Ripple) Male – Born 2011
Mother is K-27
L-91 (Muncher) Female – Born 1995
Mother is L-47
J-47 (Notch) Male – Born 2010
Mother is J-35
L-92 (Crewser) Male – Born 1995
J-49 (T’ilem I’nges) Male – Born 2012
Mother is J-37
L-94 (Calypso) Female – Born 1995
Mother of L-113 / L-121
J-50 (Scarlet) Female – Born 2014
Mother is J-16
L-103 (Lapis) Female – Born 2003
Mother is L-55
J-51 (Nova) Male – Born 2015
Mother is J-41
L-105 (Fluke) Male – Born 2004
Mother is L-72
J-52 (Sonic) Male – Born 2015
Mother is J-36
L-106 (Pooka) Male – Born 2005
Mother is L-86
J-53 (Kiki) Female – Born 2015 L-108 (Coho) Male – Born 2006
Mother is L-54
L-109 (Takoda) Male – Born 2007
Mother is L-55
L-110 (Midnight) Male – Born 2007
Mother is L-83
L-113 (Cousteau) Female – Born 2009
Mother is L-94
L-115 (Mystic) Male – Born 2010
L-116 (Finn) Male – Born 2010
Mother is L-82
L-117 (Keta) Male – Born 2010
Mother is L-54
L-118 (Jade) Female – Born 2011
Mother is L-55
L-119 (Joy) Female – Born 2012
Mother is L-77
L-121 (Windsong) Male – Born 2015
Mother is L-95
L-122 (???) ??? – Born 2015
L-123 (???) ??? – Born 2015



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