J's and K's in Rosario Strait! (July 12th)

Shortly after we got underway from Bellingham this morning we received a report that a group of orcas had been sighted off of Orcas Island moving in a southerly direction. We quickly went to find out if the report was true, and to everybody’s delight, it was. As we rounded Sinclair Island we could see several breaches from four miles away, and they kept it up until we arrived. We quickly identified several members of J pod as we followed them down Rosario Strait. They all grouped up in a tight group as they travelled slowly south. After spending some time with J pod we meandered over to the group of orca on the other side of the channel and identified them as K pod! We watched them as they hurried down Rosario and then departed for the beautiful scenery of Lopez pass on our way to Friday Harbor. Another fantastic day in the Salish Sea!