Poem Called "Victoria Star Ship"

This poem was written by one of the passengers aboard the Victoria Star last week:

Victoria Star Ship

Welcome aboard the Victoria Star Ship
We hope you are having a great trip
Although the day is cloudy and grey
We expect the sun to burn the clouds away

The waves are capped with white
There are no whales in sight
This is a really smooth ride
I am glad I have someone by my side

As we were crossing Bellingham Bay
The captain had a lot to say
We saw Guemes Island in the sea
This is where Free Willy 2 was set free

Our journey back will be at eight
We do not want to be late
There are plenty of islands in te sea
Too many today, for us to see

We go through a part of the Inland Passage
We do not stop even for a message
San Juan is a wild life refuge
The ship we are on is huge

As we are watching the sea
We see salmon swimming free
The captain of the ship
He is moving us at a fast clip

He is talking along the way
Showing us things of interest in the bay
There are shipping lanes here
All the ships stay clear

When to Victoria we draw near
Everyone is talking about what they see
Today, this is the life for me!

Sea gulls land in the water
They are not a part of this charter
Sea gulls looking for a meal
Some of them get a raw deal

We did not see any flying fish
I don’t know if they make a tasty dish

There is a place called Deception Pass
From the ship we see no bass
We passed a place where seals did lay
In the water they liked to play

Sailing in the Victoria Star is better than a ferry
Even with the day cloudy and dreary
McKay Harbor is full of ships
The wind outside the ship has quite a nip

The day was great for me
Plenty of things for me to see
This Island is new to me
I would like more to see
Next time I get a chance
I want more than a glance

Copyright 2008: Glenda Rogers