San Juan Cruises / Whales & Wildlife Report – 8/14

The best day of the season so far! We ended up going south of the islands for our whale watch/nature search. Not only did we get a chance to watch a transient group of Orca whales spy hop, tail slap and breach all around the boat, we also witnessed a harbor seal scurry and hide amongst a clump of bull kelp to avoid being eaten. All of this happened up close to the boat with our engines stopped – the action came to us. Oh, in case you are wondering, the seal survived the encounter! The waters were calm and the sun was out, making for the perfect day out in the San Juan Islands. We have posted a few pictures taken by our captain and crew here, but to view a bunch more click on our Flickr page for the day. We have hit a nice, consistant stretch of whale sightings, so if you haven’t been out with us yet, now’s the time to go!