San Juan Summer Splash Festival & Orca Whales

This summer we will have a couple of college interns riding our vessels to the San Juan Islands and Victoria, taking lots of photos and reporting on events, whale sightings and other happenings. Our first report comes from John, a Western Washington University student in their Recreation Program), who writes about his day aboard the Island Commuter 2, and taking in the sights and sounds of Friday Harbor and their annual Summer Splash Festival:

“Wow, what a great day, the only thing lacking was the sunshine. Arriving in Friday Harbor around 11am I was left with a couple hours to kill before the boat parade. Luckily there was an great band by the name Duotones. They are a wonderful duo playing an array of covers from Pink Floyd to David Essex. This was a great compliment to the boat parade. Right about 2 pm the boat parade had started, showcasing around twenty boats, all of which were varying in size and decoration. The theme for the parade was 1950’s rock n roll, and some people brought it out in style. Personally I enjoyed the two Elvis Presley’s singing Hound Dog on the stern of their boat. After the parade finished, what was left of the crowd outside went inside to watch, listen, and enjoy the Duotones until the end of the festival. Overall the Spring Splash festival was a success. The music was good, the boat parade was fun, and everyone had a wonderful time. On a side note we were lucky enough to spot a pod of whales off the west side of Cypress Island between Guemes and Sinclair Island, thus concluding a successful day.”