Sucia Island Picnic Cruise – July 7, 2013

A Delicious Picnic Lunch On Sucia Island

Thirty-five people joined us on our first Sunday Picnic Cruise to Sucia Island yesterday.  It was tons of fun – we arrived at 10:45 with sunny blue skies and flat water after first observing the harbor seals and bald eagles on Puffin Island. Arriving at low tide, crew/naturalist Victoria took the children and some of the adults on a exploration of the inter-tidal zone of Fox Cove and looked at fossils on the south beach of Point Henry.  Others enjoyed a self guided walk to Henry Point, Johnson Point and Shallow Bay, all in brilliant sunshine.

A hearty lunch of baked chicken, potato salad, chips, fruit and cold drinks awaited the walkers upon their return to our sheltered campsite in Fossil Bay.  We returned to Bellingham via the beautiful Lummi Rocks and and Carter Point observing no less than 10 Turkey Vultures gorging themselves on a Stellar Sea lion carcass on the remote west side of Lummi Island.
The Salish Sea Docked At Fossil Bay