Whales & Wildlife Report – 5/21/12 (Orca Whales – K-Pod)

We had a local middle school on board today for a 6 hour whale watching field trip (I don’t remember going on field trips this fun when I was a kid!). It was an overcast day with occasional rain, but shortly after getting underway we started to hear reports of one of the resident Orca pods, K-pod, in the area. Unfortunately they were pretty far to the north, up near the US/Canadian border. So we decided to stay in the San Juans for a bit and see what other wildlife we could find. The highlight was a group of Stellar sea lion – always fun and interesting to watch.

Then we began to hear updates on K-pod – they were heading south! So we switched gears and headed north to (hopefully) meet up with them. We had to go near Point Roberts, but we found ’em! We had a full boat, so it was great to be able to watch them for a while, and return home happy. We’ll be doing school trips all week, and then offer our public San Juan Adventure cruise this Saturday and Sunday.