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Things To Do In Friday Harbor During Our Deluxe Whale Watching Tour Visit

On our Deluxe Whale Watching Tour we make a stop every day in Friday Harbor, usually from about 11:15 am until 1:00 pm. This is enough time to explore the town, taking in the shops, artist galleries and museums that make this town the hub of activity in the San Juan Islands. We’ve put together a list of fun things to do while in Friday Harbor – this is just a suggested list, and doesn’t include every place worth visiting in this vibrant town.

(Click to download “Things To Do In Friday Harbor” PDF)

Photos From Our 2018 Season (So Far…)

This season has been one of the best – lots of great whale and wildlife sightings and the weather has been pretty amazing as well. We’ve been fortunate to have some great photographers on board, including loyal customers and members of local photography groups. We also just completed a film shoot, from which we’ll have some great online videos and TV commercials soon.

Below we’ve included some of the best photos from the season so far – we also post photos regularly on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Whale Watching June 18 – July 9

We seem to have hit the peak season for Orca Whale watching over the past two weeks, with frequent sightings of all 3 local pods (J, K and L pods). Yesterday (July 8) we even saw what we call a "Superpod" – a gathering of all three local pods of Orca whales! With excellent weather forecast through the weekend, this is a great time to visit the San Juan Islands or Victoria, BC.