San Juan Islands / Whale Watching Report – 5/15/2011

The weather could have been better – it was a rainy, foggy day out on the water (calm though – winds were light). However, that didn’t matter much when we were treated to the sight of Minke Whales at Salmon Bank (west of San Juan Islands) and later, Orca Whales (J-Pod). They were breaching, splashing, spyhopping and frolicking, just south of Salmon Bank. We were able to stay with them for nearly an hour today. We also made our regular stop in Friday Harbor, and on the way home our guests were treated to our delicious Northwest salmon and chicken buffet. Over the next week we have trips going out tomorrow (Monday – 5/15), Friday – 5/20, Saturday 5/21 and Sunday 5/22 – click here for more information and reservations.